SBN97/99 - Base Sounder VAD Beacon

  • Ultra Low current
    (see table below)
  • 4 volume labels
  • Optical coverage level
    (see table below)
  • 32 primary tones
  • 32 alternative tones
  • Up to 92 dbA
  • Synchronized flash

Base Sounder VAD Beacon is ideal for applications where a dual purpose audible and visual alarm device is required. The product features a high output LEDs, advanced optics and an innovative lens design, providing outstanding sound output and omni-directional light coverage at low current draw.
Specifically designed and approved to meet EN54-23, the Sounder Beacon delivers outstanding quality, reliability and extended operational life.

Product Code Intensity Coverage Sink current*
White LED
High C3-15 20mA
Low C3-9 12mA
High C3-10 18mA
Low Open class 10mA
* With high sound output volume