Quality Policy

Excelling in customer satisfaction, first-rate services and products and compliance with mandatory legal requirements are the main objectives that SYNAPS TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. it pursues over time through continuous monitoring and improvement in terms of efficiency and effectiveness of its business processes.

To excel in the business, the support, involvement and satisfaction of all and at all levels of the Organization is fundamental. Involvement that also develops through training in relation to the activities performed as well as:

  • quality policy;
  • corporate objectives;
  • the structure and content of the quality management system.

In order to excel its processes in quality SYNAPS TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. has imposed itself on:

  • optimize their processes by reducing wasting and creating as much value as possible
  • perform a business process monitoring activity through suitable measurable and necessarily improved targets;
  • carry out inspections of the quality management system thus allowing the identification of areas for improvement;
  • enhance the contribution of human resources in company processes;
  • seek adequate resources in order to try to best meet the needs of customers, also meeting their known or only perceived expectations.

Trieste, 1st February 2017

Massimo Defendi
Chief Executive